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Why You Should Choose Us

Processing payments isn’t magic. It can be done by any other processor company out there. Why choose us? …simply because we do more than other processors. We care about your success.

In any healthy relationship – business or otherwise – open, honest communication is essential. Our program educates you about the difference between the true ‘cost’ of processing, set by the credit card associations, and the ‘margin,’ or the profit we make as your processor. We don’t like secret-keeping. You have the right to see exactly where your money is going, and why.

Knowledge is empowering! With us, YOU direct your processing wisely, confidently and risk-free.

We prefer to do business with no alarms and no surprises. Our open-ended agreements are free of cancellation fees or hidden charges, so you stay in business with us by choice, not force. It also leaves you the flexibility to alter your payment plan as you see fit, with no liability. We don’t need contracts. We know you’ll want to stay with us.

We know there are many other processors available for you to choose from, and we understand what it takes to not only to earn your business to start, but also how to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship for the long term so you choose to stay.

We are changing what is to be expected from merchant services providers and we are proud to offer a robust combination of services:

  • Live customer service

  • Non-binding customized rates

  • No long term contracts

  • No account set-up fees, no hidden fees, and no cancellation fees

  • Fully disclosed Interchange Plus agreements

  • 24/7 online merchant account summary

  • Next or second business day bank deposits

  • Virtual terminal for PC-based processing

  • Full integration for new and existing website shopping carts

  • Nonprofit donation buttons for website contributions at normal processing rates

  • Merchant accounting packages

  • Check guarantee and check recovery programs

  • Electronic funds/ACH transfer services

  • Wireless and cell phone processing options

  • Customized gift card and loyalty programs

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