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Account Types

Let’s start something! We are going to make payment processing easy and affordable for you.

Strategic Payment Systems creates payment plans for, but not limited to, the following account types:

Strategic Payment Systems services all markets and business types, including:

  • Retail and restaurants

  • Mail and telephone order

  • Business to consumer

  • Business to business

  • Internet-based business/ website shopping carts

  • Legal services

  • Wholesale

  • Seasonal businesses – we only open your account during the months you conduct business

  • Private schools, ISDs, and colleges/universities

  • In-home and start-ups – our low-cost processing means more revenue stays in-house

  • Consultants and other fee-based professionals – reduce your clients’ expenses

  • Nonprofits/charities – website donation and free equipment loaners for fundraising events processing

  • Banks and Credit Unions – we help and increase your deposits and represent you well

  • Associations – online event registration processing

  • Lodging and rental operations


Retail and Restaurant (Card Swiped Accounts)


Consider this option if your business accommodates 80% of your customers on site and can swipe credit cards through a terminal or point-of-sale system. This account type usually has the lowest processing rates, but does require you to purchase a terminal or point-of-sale system.


You may have debit, rewards, and other interchange discounts available. We’ll make sure you maximize them.

Internet and E-Commerce Accounts


Payment gateways, virtual terminals and website shopping carts

A gateway is the way to go if your business…
Wants to process payments directly from their computer,
Uses a shopping cart on their website to process online orders, or
Is a nonprofit or charitable organization seeking to accept donations on your website.

We give free technical support and implementation assistance to incorporate our gateway. Already have one? We provide inexpensive processing for your existing gateway, too. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll make an affordable plan.


Mail Order and Telephone Order Sales


We have a tailored MOTO discount rate plan for processing credit card information taken over the phone or in written form. We guarantee it will reduce your cost of processing. These rates are also available for ECOMMERCE use.


Stop overpaying with an incorrect rate structure by letting us help.


Wireless Merchant Accounts

  • Delivery services

  • Outdoor markets

  • Pay-at-the-table restaurants

  • Drive-in restaurants

  • Kiosks

  • Stadiums

  • Car rental return

  • Taxis

  • Golf courses

  • Casinos


Even if your business is on-the-go or without a phone line, there are possibilities for you. Through cellular networks or WiFi hotspots, you can use a terminal or a PC with a gateway to process your transactions securely and rapidly.


Accepting payments on the go is easy and affordable, Let us show you how.

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