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Service & Support

What good are pancakes without syrup?

What good are our processing services if we don’t back you up with the customer service and support you need?

We promise to answer your call for help and resolve any issues as soon as humanly possible. Come to us with any questions, concerns, or comments regarding your merchant account. We’ll also handle any terminal, statement, and training issues. None of those automated responses or that hold for 25 minutes stuff. Your calls are answered (or speedily returned) by live people, and your emails will be responded to within a few hours.

Nationwide Customer Service

(855) 807-7015

Additional Support Lines

(888) 332-9140

FIRST DATA 24 Hour Support

(800) 858-1166

Vantiv/NPC 24 Hour Support

(888) 208-7231

Email Customer Service and Support

Click to Email Us your service issue or question. 

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